It all started in in the summer of ‘93. School was out and a young Me spent her days at home with her dog by her side. Back then, there were no iPhones or computers. There was no age of social media. All a kid had was her imagination and anything she could find laying around.

Luckily, she had bolts of fabric in the house. Her model who happened to be her dog Tracy, would sit by her side for hours and allow her to drape elaborate dresses. That was the beginning to the start of her dream career.

Since 2010, she has been working in the apparel and accessories industry as a Senior Designer and Production Manager. And she is a highly experienced contemporary designer with a focus in apparel design, accessories design, product development and packaging design.

On top of the creative work, she also has extensive skills in production management of both overseas and domestic productions of apparel and small scale accessories.