I always find it a little weird trying to describe myself. What words can I put down that will let the world know who I am? I've been called cute... I've been called cute a lot actually. And in the past I would cringe and run! But over the years I've grown to embrace this word and put it front and center. I'm the Queen of Cute and I hope my portfolio is a good representation of that. 

As of today (March 24, 2018) I'm 31 years old and have spent most of life growing up in sunny Los Angeles. Growing up, there was one constant that never changed. I wanted to be a Fashion Designer. It's all I ever wrote about for school projects. And on my free time I would drape elaborate dresses on my dog. 

After high school I attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles where I earned my degree in Fashion Design.  I was so excited to finally start my career in the fashion industry. That bubble quickly burst when it took nearly two years in finding a job. During that time I worked for a non profit organization. 

After two years of tirelessly searching, I offered to work for a company as an intern to gain some experience. I knew I had what it took to be a great designer, I just needed an opportunity. And I knew experience was the key to opening doors.

And so my adventures began! During the day I was an unpaid intern learning how to make tech packs for men's clothing and at nights I would head over to the non-profit working as an Assistant Athletic Director. And after about two months, the menswear company hired me on full-time as an assistant designer.  

Fast forward about six years, and I'm still at the same menswear clothing company. It's been an adventurous experience. I'm no longer the Assistant Designer, but the Head of Operations for Production and Design.

I was managing about 15 people in the design department, production department and I oversaw the day to day operations of the e-commerce and warehouse department. With great power came great responsibilities (cheesy but so true)! 

I never thought I would stay there for so long, but I quickly came to realize the true value in that company. I was afforded an opportunity to watch a small business grow. I learned skills in multiple departments from design, production, e-commerce, shipping logistics, warehouse and inventory, as well as buying. 

Unfortunately, in 2015 the company I had dedicated so many years to closed down. And I was faced with two choices at the time, find another job and work my way back up to the top. Or I fend for myself and start my own business. And Lulu Bloo was born! 

For the last 3 years, I have put my heart and soul and every ounce of cuteness I have in me in building my brand. And while I've been able to streamline the company I realized I want something more.

So I'm hoping this is the start of my cute filled adventure of 2018!